Madhya Pradesh

About Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, a large state in central India, retains landmarks from eras throughout Indian history. It is known as the "HEART OF INDIA" because of lot many things it has to offer.It has been home to cultural and spiritul heritage of almost all religions.. It is a perfect mixture of rich history, nature, wildlife , culture and spirituality.Madhya Pradesh is home to the famous erotic temples in Khajuraho, which are India’s unique gift to the world, representing love and joys of life in a sublime expression. It has two of India's well known wild life sanctuaries in Kanha and Bandhavgarh. Towards the southwest it has Buddhist stupas in Sanchi and 15 century citadels of Mandu.

The state shares its borders with 6 states of India – towards north west is "Rajasthan", north-eastern border touches "Uttar Pradesh" South-west border to " Maharashtra", western border to "Gujarat", south eastern side to Chhatisgarh.